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What PA? can offer you the perfect solution if you're looking for a new PA System for your school or college, or if you need to upgrade your old one. Most enquiries are made by PTA members or teachers who don't necessarily know too much about PA systems so don't worry about getting in touch, we won't baffle you with technical jargon!

Whether you need it for small Primary School assemblies and plays or a large Secondary School or College staging presentation ceremonies, concerts and talent shows with wanna-be rock bands, we can help. We can also offer advice on the best portable systems if you need to be able to move it around, and also on systems suitable for use outdoor use at Sports Days and fetes.

Once you've settled on your PA System Package you can add on the microphones, stands, CD players and accessories you need. We also offer an installation service in our local area of Essex should you need it; please call for details.

  • Complete our Enquiry Form below, and one of us will get back to you with some recommendations for PA equipment and microphones

  • Give us a ring on 01375 892317 or email

  • Visit the What PA? website and take a look at the PA Packages for Schools; we can easily custom-design one for you and can add on anything else you need, such as microphones and rack cases

View the schools packages on the What PA? website View the Schools packages on the What PA? website View the Schools packages on the What PA? website View the Schools packages on the What PA? website
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If you're looking for a School PA System please fill in our enquiry form and one of us will call you back or email you some suggestions for you to consider.

Our school needs a PA system for:

We want to amplify:
Speech CDs Keyb'ds Live music Other
The maximum audience is roughly:
100 200 300 400+  
The room/hall size is roughly:

Leave blank if not sure.

We'll need some microphones:
Wireless Handheld Wireless Lapel  Wireless Headset
Wired Mics Microphone stands  
We'd like to put the speakers...
On the wall On stands Not sure    
We'd like to rack-mount the equipment in a case on wheels...
Yes No Not sure   Show me one
Our budget is approx:
I have something else to ask:
My contact details are:

I live in:

UK or Northern Ireland
Other, please specify

  Please call me   Please email me some suggestions
Where did you hear about us?
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Most school enquiries are made by PTA members or school secretaries who don't necessarily know too much about PA systems - don't worry, we won't baffle you with technical jargon! We will only call if you ask us to, and we won't pass your email address on to anyone else.

If your existing PA system needs upgrading, just drop us an email with the spec of the existing system and what you feel is wrong with it. The most common problems are: no capacity for more microphones, not loud enough, microphone signal dropping out, crackly, not compact or portable enough... can you add to the list? We can suggest what you could add to the system or what could be replaced, saving you money if you don't need a complete new PA system.

What size system do you need? As a guide to how many watts of power you might need, we would recommend 1 watt per audience member for the spoken word, and 2-3 watts per audience member if you are also playing music. If you have a large stage and will be hosting Live bands you may need more. Click for more advice ...

What size speakers do you need? 10" speakers are fine for the spoken word. If you are amplifying keyboards or will have music from a CD player or iPod then you will be better off with 12" speakers. If you have vocalists on stage you might need to consider stage monitors.

Wired or wireless microphones? We'd always recommend wireless radio mics for Schools as it's safer not to have wires to trip over.

For more advice on how to choose and use your PA system please visit the What PA? Advice Centre. Please note that some of the links on this website will take you to our parent website These links will open in a new window.

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